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CFA Institute is the largest association of investment professionals in the world. We challenge thousands of investment professionals and students to hold themselves to a higher standard of excellence and ethical standards.

Here are some key facts and figures regarding our candidates and members:
  • More than 160,000 CFA Program candidates took the CFA exams in FY2012 in one of our 200 test centers around the globe
  • We have more than 116,000 members in 137 countries
  • 60 countries now have local member societies
  • 140 universities around the world have incorporated the CFA Program curriculum into their own academic programs
  • More than 3,000 students from 700 universities around the world competed in the annual CFA Institute Research Challenge, which promotes best practices in equity research

CFA Institute facts and statistics (PDF)

CFA Program Statistics

23% Students, 10% Research Analyst, 8% Accountant/Auditor, 6% Consultant, 6% Corporate Financial Analyst, 4% Relationship Manager 

The CFA charter is a globally recognized, graduate-level investment credential. Earning it demonstrates a commitment to professional ethics and expertise with the broad range of skills needed for competitive careers in the investment profession. Over 219,000 exam registrations among aspiring charterholders were received in FY12.

CFA designation facts

33% North America, 2% Latin America & Caribbean, 16% Europe, 5% Middle East & Africa, 44% Asia Pacific

CFA Institute Membership Statistics

22% Portfolio Manager, 14% Research Analyst, 7% Chief-Level Executive, 5% Consultant, 4% Relationship Manager, 4% Risk Manager 

CFA Institute has over 110,000 members in more than 130 countries and territories. 91% of members are CFA charterholders.

65% North America, 1% Latin America & Caribbean, 16% Europe, 3% Middle East & Africa, 15% Asia Pacific

Top Employers Globally

This graphic shows the top ten employers of CFA charterholders and candidates globally.
Companies are ranked by their combined total of total candidates and CFA charterholders.
Top ten companies include JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, HSBC, UBS, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, RBC and Goldman Sachs.

TC = Total Candidates, CFA Charterholders = CFA, JP Morgan Chase – TC 1630/CFA 1204, Bank of America Merrill Lynch – TC 1374/CFA 1449, HSBC – TC 1801/CFA 897, UBS – TC 1012/CFA 1288, Citigroup – TC 1288/CFA 829, Morgan Stanley – TC 934/CFA 855,  Deutsche Bank – TC 896/CFA 800, Credit Suisse – TC 776/CFA 871, RBC – TC 642/CFA 974, Goldman Sachs – TC 824/CFA 783

*CFA Program statistics are based on FY2012 candidates (candidates registered for the December 2011 or June 2012 exam). CFA Institute Member statistics are from September 2011.

**Top employer data is self-reported and not verified by CFA Institute. Counts are approximate based on data from September 2011 (charterholders) and June 2011 CFA Program candidates.