Global Market Sentiment Survey 2013 Results Investment professionals increasingly optimistic on global economic growth

Advanced economies are especially optimistic on global economic expansion in 2013, despite the continued worldwide impact of the European sovereign debt crisis.

Most members think the global economy will expand or stay the same in 2013, with a higher proportion of members this year expecting the global economy to expand (40%) than last year (34%).  While developing economies tend to be more optimistic about local economic growth, a higher proportion of advanced economies (42%) than developing economies (35%) think global economic expansion will happen in 2013.

Both regionally and globally, a growing number of CFA Institute members expect the global economy to expand in 2013.

Percent of members expecting the global economy to expand.

The Future Looks Brighter for Local Economic Growth, Unless You're in Europe

What do you see as the biggest risk to your local market in 2013?

weak economic conditions
political instability
European soveriegn debt crisis
The biggest concerns for local markets include weak economic conditions in advanced economies, political instability in developing economies, and the European sovereign debt crisis in Europe.


United States, China, and Brazil to Provide the Best Investment Opportunity

When asked which equity market will provide the best investment opportunity in 2013, the United States, China, and Brazil emerge as the top three.

To Restore Integrity to the Global Capital Markets, Change Must Come From Within

of members acknowledge a current lack of trust in the financial industry
of members feel that a lack of ethical culture within financial firms has contributed to this lack of trust
Investment professionals are cautiously optimistic about the global economy in 2013, but ethical culture within financial firms needs to be addressed to solve systemic problems that led to the fiscal crisis.


And That Change Must Come from the Top

What firm level action is most needed to help improve investor trust and confidence?

Improved culture established and encouraged by top management and executives
Increased adherence to ethical codes and standards
Leading financial institutions all have codes of conduct to foster ethical conduct, but it takes active leadership to make this promise a reality and ensure that investment managers put their client interests first. Increased adherence to ethical codes and standards has a role to play as well, according to members.