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Putting Investors First Month: May 2014

Putting Investors First Month features a series of events and outreach throughout the month of May, hosted by hundreds of CFA Institute members and many of the organization’s 143 member societies worldwide.

Kenechukwu E. Anadu, CFA
"A finance industry that puts investors first? That will change the world."
Kenechukwu E. Anadu, CFA — Financial Services Market Specialist


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#FutureFinance: It's time to reignite our sense of purpose and shape a financial system that's ethical.
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Perspectives on key themes curated by CFA Institute.

Transparency & Fairness

Standards to promote an open and honest financial system. Read more

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Regulation & Enforcement

Protecting investors and preserving capital market integrity. Read more

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Financial Knowledge

Empowering investors to make better decisions. Read more

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Safeguarding the System

Promoting stability and minimizing systemic risk. Read more

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