CFA Program Practice Tests and Mock Exams

Our topic-based practice tests and mock exams cover current CFA curriculum content and use the same question formats as the actual exams.

  • The topic-based practice tests are shorter than the actual exam and help you assess your topic-level strengths and weakness.
  • The mock exam is designed to mimic, as closely as possible, the exam day experience. It is structured with approximately the same topic area weights and level of difficulty as the live exam. You will see the answers at the end of the exam, along with curriculum references.

Topic-Based Practice Tests

Availability June 2015 candidates (all levels): Available now (candidate login required)
When to take it These short practice tests, based on curriculum topics, will allow you to assess your mastery of the material as you progress through the curriculum.

Mock Exams

Availability June 2015 candidates: Available January 2015
Versions and cost
Included in the cost of exam registration.
When to take it Tests your exam readiness toward the end of your preparation.
Timing Level I / Level II: Six hours (mimics the three hour morning and afternoon sessions on exam day).
Level III: Three hours (based on a three hour afternoon session). The Level III morning session is composed of essay questions, which are not included in the Level III mock exam.
Exam feedback Answers are provided at the end of the exam, with curriculum page references.
How to access When mock exams are available, candidates can access their mock exams online.

The topic-based practice tests and mock exams cover the current CFA curriculum content and are consistent with the formatting conventions used on the actual CFA exams. However, they are intended only as a representation of the actual exam. Performance on these exams should not be used to predict performance on the actual exam.