CFA Exam Topic Area Weights

2014 Exam Topic Weights

You can review the December Level I topic area weights with the December Level I study session on the Study Sessions page and download a copy of the topic area weights table here (PDF).

2015 Exam Topic Weights

Topic Area Level I Level II Level III
Ethical and Professional Standards1510-1510-15
Quantitative Methods125-100
Financial Reporting and Analysis2015-200
Corporate Finance75-150
Equity Investments1015-255-15
Fixed Income1010-2010-20
Alternative Investments45-105-15
Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning75-1040-55
Total 100 100 100

Note: These weights (updated July 2014) are intended to guide the curriculum and exam development processes. Actual exam weights may vary slightly from year to year. Please note that some topics are combined for testing purposes.