Scholarship Submission Deadlines

2015 Access Scholarship application deadline: 15 September 2014

Awareness Scholarship application deadlines:
  • December 2014 exam: 2 September 2014
  • June 2015 exam: 2 February 2015

CFA Program scholarships contribute to our vision of serving the interests of investors and society by promoting awareness of CFA Institute programs and by providing access to those programs to individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford full price.

Applicants must meet all CFA Program candidate requirements. Review the CFA Program entrance requirements.

Access Scholarships

Access Scholarships provide needs-based scholarship opportunities for those unable to afford the full price of the CFA Program enrollment and registration fees.

Waive the CFA Program enrollment fee and reduce the exam registration fee (includes access to the curriculum eBook) to US$250.*

Award Cycle
Access scholarships are awarded on or before 1 December to be applied to exams in the following year. If awarded, the recipient can apply the scholarship to the

  • June exam (Levels I, II, and III) or
  • December exam (Level I only)

Important Dates
Submission deadline for 2015 exams: 15 September 2014

Access Scholarships: Official Rules (PDF)

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Awareness Scholarships

Awareness Scholarships are designated for key influencers in the academic and financial communities.

Reduce the CFA Program enrollment and exam registration fee (includes access to the curriculum eBook) to US$350.*

Award Cycle
Awareness scholarships are awarded as they are received and processed.

  • Recipients of the June scholarship may only apply it to the upcoming June exam (Levels I, II, and III).
  • Recipients of the December scholarship may only apply it to the upcoming December exam (Level I).

Submission Deadlines
December 2014 exam: 2 September 2014
June 2015 exam: 2 February 2015

Awareness Scholarships: Official Rules (PDF)

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Access Scholarship Details

In collaboration with our member societies around the world, more than 2,600 Access Scholarships are awarded to CFA Program applicants each calendar year.

You must wait until the scholarship notifications occur in December before you register for the applicable exam, or you will be ineligible for the scholarship and your application will be voided. However, you may purchase the curriculum for that exam in advance by contacting us. When you register for the exam (after scholarship notifications) credit will be given for the eBook curriculum purchased in advance but credit will not be given for a print curriculum purchased in advance.

  • After you submit your scholarship application, you cannot make changes.
  • If your financial situation changes, you may withdraw your application from consideration before 1 October of the year in which you applied.
  • If you receive a scholarship and register for the exam, you must sit for that exam or you may be ineligible for future Access Scholarships.

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Awareness Scholarship Details

In collaboration with our University Relations team, we offer Awareness Scholarships to key influencers in the media, academic, and financial communities, such as college/university faculty, college students affiliated with our Recognized Universities and CFA Program Partner Schools, select regulatory agencies, and media organization employees around the world.

CFA Institute Professor Scholarships

Full-time college or university professors who teach a minimum of six credit hours per quarter or semester or administrators/department heads who teach three hours per quarter or semester at one university are eligible. The university must offer a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) or higher.
  • Complete the Candidate Section by typing directly into the editable form where indicated.
  • Print the completed form and then add your signature and date.
  • Submit the form to CFA Institute by email. Keep your email copy for your records.

CFA Program Partner and Recognized University Program Scholarships

After the June 2013 exam, all student scholarships will be awarded through universities and colleges participating in the CFA Program Partners initiative and University Recognition Program.

CFA Institute Regulator Scholarships

Available to full-time employees of governmental securities regulators and central banks. To learn more about regulator scholarships for your organization, please contact us at

CFA Institute Media Scholarships

Scholarship opportunities are available to eligible, full-time employees of media organizations which communicate and disseminate financial news, data, and education around the world. For more information about media scholarships, download the application or contact us at

Additional Information

*Scholarship candidates are responsible for any additional costs related to selecting/purchasing the curriculum.

Beginning with June 2014 exam, the registration fee includes access to the curriculum eBook and a print version of the curriculum must be purchased separately. Therefore we will not issue credits to applicants who wish to purchase the print curriculum in advance. (If you purchase the print curriculum, you will also be responsible for shipping costs and any applicable import duties and taxes.).