CIPM Exam Formats and Topic Weights

Study Session Outlines

Get an overview of the readings and topics covered for each exam level:

    CIPM Principles Exam

    The Principles exam emphasizes the conceptual foundations of performance measurement, attribution, and appraisal. 

    • Format: 100 multiple choice questions; each question has three answer options
    • Time: Three hours (180 minutes)
    • Formulas: Candidates sitting for the Principles exam will need to know and be able to apply all formulas that are contained in the Principles curriculum. No formulas will be provided on the computer screen during the exam.
    • Examples of Principles exam questions (PDF)

    CIPM Expert Exam

    The Expert exam emphasizes performance evaluation and presentation, including application of the appropriate tools and inputs in more complex situations and the GIPS Standards.

    • Format: 80 item set questions (20 scenarios followed by four multiple choice questions each); each question has three answer options
    • Time: Three hours (180 minutes)
    • Formulas: Review the Expert Level Formula Policy (PDF).
    • Examples of Expert exam questions (PDF)

    Exam Topic Area Weights and Study Session Outlines

    Here are the exam weights for the five major topic areas and the study session outlines (overview of readings and topics covered) for each exam level.

    Major Topic Area Principles Level Expert Level
      Topic Weighting Study Sessions Topic Weighting Study Sessions
    Performance Measurement 30% II 10% II
    Performance Attribution 25% III, IV 15% III, IV, V
    Performance Appraisal & Manager Selection 20% V, VI 40% VI, VII
    Ethical Standards 15% I 15% I
    Performance Presentation and GIPS Standards 10% VII 20% VIII
      Principles Study Session Outlines (PDF) Expert Study Session Outlines (PDF)