Exam Details

Before Exam Day

  • Remember to schedule your exam: contact Pearson VUE to make an appointment. Exam seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Review the CIPM Identification policy. Submit any necessary changes to your identification information at least three weeks before your scheduled exam date. You will not be admitted for the exam if your information does not match.
  • Rescheduling your exam: Pearson VUE allows you to reschedule your exam – with 24 hours notice – to another available time and place within the same exam window. If you miss your exam appointment, rescheduling is not permitted. Refer to the Register page for more information.
  • If needed, submit the disability testing accommodation form.
  • Make sure you know the testing policies.

Exam Timing

The CIPM exam is 180 minutes; the clock starts when you select “Begin Exam." We schedule 210 minutes for the exam so you have time to read and sign the candidate pledge.

There are no scheduled breaks during the exam. You may take an unscheduled break, but the 180-minute clock will continue to run during the break.

At the Test Center

Security - Your digital photo, signature, and palm vein scan will be taken when you check in for the exam.

Identification - When checking in at the Pearson VUE test center, you are required to provide a valid international travel passport. Read the ID policy.

Arrival - Plan to arrive at the test center 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time so you have adequate time to complete the necessary check-in procedures. If you arrive more than 30 minutes late for your appointment and are refused admission, your exam fees are non- refundable, non-deferrable, and non-transferrable.

What to Expect at the Test Center

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