Claritas Course of Study

The Claritas Program material provides a fundamental understanding of the investment industry through the topics covered in the Course of Study. The Course of Study consists of seven modules (topic areas):

1. Industry overview: Looks at the core purpose of the investment industry.
2. Ethics and regulation: Focuses on these essential foundations.
3. Inputs and tools: How the (economic) world works — the big picture and the fine detail.
4. Investment instruments: Covers the basic investment options, what they are and their purpose.
5. Industry structure: Looks at how the industry helps us invest, who the participants are and what they do, the markets where investments take place, and the investment products themselves.
6. Industry controls: How systems and controls are used in the industry to ensure the client is properly served.
7. Serving clients’ needs: Focusing on clients — gaining a clear understanding of their needs, circumstances, and motivations.

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Study Materials

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