Professional Conduct Program Protecting the integrity of CFA Institute and its designations

CFA Institute upholds the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, exam rules and regulations, and Bylaws to protect the integrity of its membership, designations, and exam programs. The Professional Conduct Program administers the disciplinary process for CFA Institute.

Proposed Sanction Guidelines and Revisions

CFA Institute proposed Sanction Guidelines and significant revisions to the 2015 Rules of Procedure. Pending Board approval, the finalized documents will be available in November and go into effect on 1 December. 

Revisions to the Rules of Procedure and Sanction Guidelines for conduct and activities relating to exam programs:

The Professional Conduct Statement

Every member must complete a Professional Conduct Statement annually to disclose any potential violations of the Code and Standards. Candidates make similar disclosures as part of the registration and enrollment process.

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The Disciplinary Process

Our process includes monitoring compliance, investigating allegations, conducting disciplinary proceedings, and imposing sanctions if necessary.

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Sanctions and Statistics

We track and report disciplinary information as a service to our stakeholders.

Learn about different types of sanctions and view statistics on reported allegations

Submit a Complaint

You can help to protect the integrity of CFA Institute membership and designations by reporting conduct that does not meet our standards.

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