Get Involved: Students

Each year, thousands of university students participate in the CFA Institute Research Challenge. These students interact with investment professionals and top firms while obtaining real-world experience in equity analysis, research report writing, and presentation skills.

Group photo of EMEA Regional Final Champions

2014 EMEA Regional and Final Champions
Politecnico di Milano
Representing CFA Society Italy

Benefits of Participating

  • Valuable real-world experience
  • Networking opportunities
  • Direct interaction with financial professionals
  • Build your CV/resume
  • Opportunity to travel
  • Potential cash prize for team winning global level
  • Potential for CFA Program scholarships

Am I Eligible to Participate?

You are eligible to participate if:

  • You are a full time student at a participating university
  • You do not hold the CFA charter
  • You have never worked in a role that involved fundamental company analysis
  • You have never participated in the CFA Institute Research Challenge
  • You are eligible under local competition rules

Note that eligibility does not guarantee your participation in the competition. See the Official Rules & Eligibility (PDF) for more details.

How Do I Participate?

It all starts at the local level. Local Hosts, made up of approved volunteer groups and CFA Institute member societies, organize and judge the local level Research Challenge competitions. Learn more about the levels of competition and familiarize yourself with the Official Rules & Eligibility (PDF).

  1. Find out if your university participates by searching the participating universities list, asking your professor, or contacting your nearest CFA Institute member society.
  2. If your university does participate, contact your faculty adviser and ask for details on how to become a team member.
  3. If you learn your university has not participated before, ask a professor to become the faculty adviser.
  4. The faculty adviser should contact the nearest CFA Institute member society for more information.
  5. Contact the Research Challenge team with additional questions.

What Can I Expect?

  • The majority of local level participants indicated that they spent
  • The majority of regional level participants indicated that they spent more than 60 hours preparing for the regional competition.
  • At the local level, you may be responsible for covering the cost of travel and accommodation for all meetings and events. Contact your Local Host for more information about what costs you will need to cover.
  • At the regional level, CFA Institute will cover travel and accommodation for the winning team of each eligible competition plus one sponsored guest (to be chosen by the team). Please see the Official Rules & Eligibility (PDF) for the terms and conditions of those covered costs.
  • CFA Institute will not cover passport or visa fees. You must plan to take care of these costs yourself.

Contact the Research Challenge team with additional questions.