Take the Work Experience Self Assessment

CFA Institute members are accomplished professionals with at least 4,000 hours (over a period of not less than 36 months) of experience in investment decision making that meets our work experience guidelines.

We invite you to take this self-assessment to find out if your current or previous experience qualifies. Answer the questions for each position you have held, even if they were held at the same company. Think about the majority of your duties as you answer.

This self-assessment is a guide; answers you provide do not guarantee you will be accepted for membership. If you have questions about your results or the membership process, please contact us.

Work Experience Self Assessment

Answer "Yes" or "No" to these questions to see if your experience is likely to qualify.
  • Do you construct or rebalance client portfolios, prepare financial models, or perform/evaluate independent analysis leading to an investment decision?
  • Do you make investment decisions based on the application of financial, economic, or statistical data involving securities or similar investments held as part of an investment portfolio?
  • Do you supervise employees who evaluate or apply financial, economic, and/or statistical data as part of the investment decision-making process?
  • Do you determine capital structure and funding needs through equity, debt, and alternative investments, conduct long-range financial planning, evaluate financial fundamentals, analyze and value securities for public offerings or mergers and acquisitions, and/or make asset sales and capital investment decisions?
  • Do you conduct asset allocation analysis or apply investment knowledge to develop, analyze, and/or explain investment policy statements or strategies designed to achieve investor goals as part of the overall investment process?
  • Are you engaged in investment/financial advising or planning for corporations, institutions, or individuals (other than yourself or your family)?
  • Do you research or develop tools, models, strategies, and/or communications that assist portfolio managers and traders with investment decision and risk management?
  • Do you oversee legal/regulatory compliance matters in the investment profession, perform due diligence, and/or ensure that investment firms adhere to applicable laws, regulations, and professional standards of practice?
  • Are you a full-time professor or instructor teaching finance related courses and/or CFA Program curriculum, developing educational content, and engaging in research to advance the understanding of investment practice and theory?
  • Do you design and implement software solutions for people, processes, and technology that directly drive investment decisions (i.e., software and/or platforms that are used to build financial models, construct, manage, and analyze portfolios, analyze risk and return)?