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  • Make sure your Professional and Volunteer Interest Profiles are up to date
  • Review the Volunteer Travel Policy (PDF) and Volunteer Travel Booking Guide (PDF)
  • When traveling on behalf of CFA Institute and booking travel through our dedicated travel agency, you should be aware of resources that you can access in case of an incident or emergency. Learn more
When booking travel through CFA Institute's dedicated travel agency, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance is provided through the Business Travel Accident policy to all volunteers globally. Coverage is offered in the amount of US$250,000 to all volunteers.

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  1. Indicate your interest in volunteering by describing relevant volunteer interests, experience, and areas of professional specialty in your Volunteer Interest Profile.
  2. Update your Professional Profile to increase our understanding of your expertise.

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Although there are only a few CFA Institute-based roles open at a time, as volunteer opportunities do become available, we will provide further details to those individuals whose qualifications and interests fit the position specifications.

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We encourage you to contact a CFA Society to investigate any volunteer opportunities they may offer you as well.

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