CFA Exam Personal Belongings Policy

The CFA Exam Personal Belongings Policy lists the items that may be permitted in the testing room and those that may not. View the lists below.

You are strongly encouraged to leave your personal belongings at home or in your car. As a courtesy, your test center will have an area designated for personal belongings. If you must bring items to the test center, ensure they are clearly identifiable as many look the same, particularly mobile phones.

If proctors or security personnel find items in the testing room that are not permitted, they will be confiscated or placed in the personal belongings area. CFA® Institute, testing personnel, the test center, and vendors are not responsible or liable for stolen, lost, misplaced, or damaged personal property in the personal belongings area or at the test center.

The following items must be kept on your desk:

The following items may be kept on your desk, if needed:

The following items are permitted in the testing room but must remain in your pockets or under your chair when not in use:

The following items are not permitted:

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