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Analyst/Issuer Guidelines

The Analyst/Issuer Guidelines promote higher standards for relations between corporate issuers (corporations that issue publicly traded securities) and the analysts who cover them. They are voluntary and serve as a guide to best practices. They were developed in cooperation with the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI).

Analyst/Issuer Guidelines

Read the guidelines (PDF)

What Do the Guidelines Cover?

  • Information flow between analysts and corporate issuers
  • Analysts' conduct in publishing research and making investment recommendations
  • Corporate issuers' conduct in providing analysts with access to corporate information
  • Issuer-paid research
  • Access to corporate executives
  • Retaliation by companies and analysts
  • Pre-publication review of analyst research reports by the corporate issuer

Why Did CFA Institute Develop the Guidelines?

The Analyst/Issuer Guidelines promote fair and consistent information that help investors make sound investment decisions. They build on our Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct and explain how the code and standards apply specifically to the work of analysts and issuers.

The guidelines are part of our ongoing efforts to:

  • Enhance analyst independence
  • Minimize and disclose conflicts of interest
  • Improve the integrity of investment research

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