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GIPS® Standards

The CFA Institute Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) are globally accepted standards considered industry best practice for investment performance reporting and presentation. Adopted by hundreds of organizations around the world, the GIPS standards have been implemented by most of the top asset management firms.

By establishing requirements for consistent and transparent reporting, the GIPS standards empower investors to compare the past performance of asset managers. Find out how the GIPS standards can help your institution improve performance reporting, increase transparency, and enhance credibility.

CFA Institute is currently seeking volunteers for various GIPS Standards committees. Check out our volunteer opportunities in the CFA Institute Volunteer Community. The deadline to apply for an open volunteer position is Friday, May 15, 2020, so apply now.

* claiming all or part of their business, according to data from Cerulli Associates

You can find the current list of firms that notified CFA Institute of their claim of compliance with the GIPS Standards here.


Already complying with the GIPS standards and ready to submit the GIPS Compliance Notification Form? Start the process now.

Learn more about how to comply with the GIPS standards

2020 GIPS Standards

GIPS Standards for FMPs to UK Pension Schemes

Global Investment Industry Standard

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Upcoming Events

24th Annual GIPS Standards Conference
28-29 October 2020, Chicago, IL, US

Join us at the 24th Annual GIPS Standards Conference which offers a unique opportunity to address the key points you need to know to comply with, or continue to comply with, the GIPS standards.

Learn more about the 24th Annual GIPS Standards Conference

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