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How to Comply

  1. Learn about the GIPS® standards Read the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) and understand the benefits of compliance. GIPS standards conferences and interactive workshops, hosted by CFA Institute, are also available.
  2. Evaluate the scope of work

    Identify the changes your organization will need to undertake to comply. Some organizations use external advisors for this step of the process.

    • Implement changes

      Make the necessary changes to policies, procedures, and systems. Train personnel so they understand the purpose of the changes and the importance of adopting them. 

    • Consider verification

      Verification is a process by which an independent, third-party verifier conducts testing of a firm or asset owner in accordance with the required verification procedures of the GIPS standards. Verification provides assurance that policies and procedures related to specific GIPS standards requirements have been designed in compliance with those requirements and have been implemented on a firm-wide or asset owner-wide basis. The GIPS standards recommend, but do not require, verification.

    • Submit the GIPS Compliance Notification Form Once requirements have been met, submit the GIPS Compliance Notification Form to CFA Institute.
    • Stay current

      Keep up with developments in the GIPS standards, as well as local laws and regulations. Establish ongoing routines, such as reading the GIPS newsletter and attending events that focus on the GIPS standards.

    Ready to submit the GIPS Compliance Notification Form? Start the process now.