GIPS® Standards for Asset Owners

2020 GIPS Standards for Asset Owners

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As a best practice, asset owners not only should demand compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) from firms they hire, but also can benefit from adopting the Standards themselves.

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Why Should Asset Owners Demand Compliance from External Managers?

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    The GIPS standards are a globally accepted industry standard for the calculation and presentation of historical investment performance. Based on the principles of full disclosure and fair presentation, they enable investors to compare the past performance of asset managers and conduct higher quality due diligence. Additionally, using GIPS compliance as a criterion in manager searches improves efficiency because it identifies a subset of firms committed to the fair and transparent presentation of their track record.

Why Should Asset Owners Comply with the GIPS Standards?

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    Compliance with the GIPS standards signals – to beneficiaries and oversight bodies – a commitment to adhere to the highest ethical principles and global best practices for the reporting of investment performance. It improves the quality of performance reporting for all assets managed by an asset owner - both internally and externally managed mandates. The process of attaining and maintaining compliance provides an opportunity to adopt robust policies, procedures, and controls.

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What Leading Asset Owners Say about the GIPS Standards

Robert Paterson
Michael Trotsky

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