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CIPM Association Members to Become CFA Institute Members

Membership for CIPM designation holders is now aligned with CFA Institute membership. This gives CIPM designation holders better access to CFA Institute global societies, CFA Institute voting rights, access to continuing education (CE) tracking online, and use of the CFA Institute Members app.

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CIPM designation holders will have the ongoing requirement to participate in the Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) program.

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After 1 October 2019, CIPM designation holders will need to be active members of CFA Institute to maintain the CIPM designation. Until then, there are different membership requirements depending on when you registered for the CIPM Program.

Membership Requirements

Did You Register for the CIPM Program after 1 October 2017?

If so, you must pass the Level II CIPM exam and become a regular member of CFA Institute to be awarded the CIPM certificate.

If you already have 48 months of qualifying work experience, you can apply for membership now. Otherwise, we will evaluate your work experience after you pass the Level II  CIPM exam and, if it qualifies, email you with instructions to become a regular member of CFA Institute.

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Did You Register for the CIPM Program before 30 September 2017?

If so, you will qualify for the CIPM certificate by becoming a regular member of CIPM Association.*

You will, however, need to qualify for and transition to active, regular CFA Institute membership by 1 October 2019 to maintain use of the CIPM designation.

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To qualify for CIPM Association membership, you need:

  • Two years of professional experience in one or more positions substantially entailing performance-related activities, such as
    • Calculating, analyzing, evaluating, or presenting investment results
    • Providing consulting, technological, legal/regulatory, or accounting services directly in support of such activities
    • Verifying compliance with the GIPS® standards
    • Supervising, directly or indirectly, persons who practice such activities
    • Teaching such activities

Summer, part-time, and internship positions do not qualify. CFA charterholders, regular members of CFA Institute, and members of the Associates of the Society of Investment Professionals (ASIP) are exempt from the CIPM work experience requirement because they have already met it.

Upon passing the Level II exam, the details in your work experience profile will be evaluated to determine your eligibility for CIPM Association membership. Review the CIPM Association Articles of Association (PDF) and Guidance for Section VII (PDF).

Make sure your work experience details are up to date in your account.

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* All members of CIPM Association must qualify for and transition to active regular CFA Institute membership by 1 October 2019. CIPM Association will be disbanded at that time.

How to Use the CIPM Designation

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