MCE Program Attestation and Compliance Review

Satisfying the Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) requirement is a condition of retaining your right to use the CIPM designation. As a designation holder, you must attest that you have complied with the MCE Program as of the end of each calendar year when you renew your CFA Institute or CIPM Association membership. (For example, if you were awarded the CIPM certificate in 2018, you must attest that you have met the MCE Program requirements as of 31 December 2019 during the membership renewal process in 2020.)

Compliance Review

Designation Holder's Obligation

If you are notified that you have been selected for compliance review, you have thirty business days to supply your documentation of continuing professional development activities for the most recent reporting year. You may be asked to supply additional documentation during the course of the compliance review.

Insufficient/Disallowed Credits

You will be given ninety business days to substitute ineligible or missing credits. Any credits accrued during the ninety business days to satisfy the ineligible or missing credits, however, cannot also be counted toward the current calendar year.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

If you have not met all conditions and requirements of the MCE Program, your right to use the CIPM designation will be suspended as of the end of any reporting cycle. Accordingly, CIPM designation holders who are not in compliance must cease using the CIPM designation as of the end of the reporting year.


Once your right to use the CIPM designation has been suspended due to failure to meet the conditions and requirements of the MCE Program, you must meet all outstanding requirements for the most recent MCE reporting cycle and submit acceptable documentation of the educational activities. You must not resume using the CIPM designation until you are notified in writing that your right to use the designation has been reinstated.

Review the MCE Program requirements

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