Activities That Don’t Qualify or Require Special Consideration

Some activities may qualify for Continuing Education (CE) credit depending upon the circumstances surrounding the activity and one's unique professional responsibilities. Judgment is required in applying the criteria used to determine whether an activity is eligible for credit.

Forecast luncheons and dinners, company presentations, street research, and similar activities should be assessed on an individual basis to determine if the activity meets qualifying criteria listed above in general or for an individual in particular.

Activities that Require Special Consideration

Example Qualified Activity Non-qualified Activity
Forecast Dinners The presentation includes models and other educational content beyond the actual forecast (only the educational portion of the event is eligible for CE credit) The presentation is only a forecast or is purely social in nature
Company Presentations The presentation includes substantive information on an industry, not just a single company (i.e., a detailed explanation of industry trends and the implications for valuing companies within that industry) The presentation is on a specific company and/or its products
Individually Relevant Activity A GIPS verifier attends a conference on “Sampling Techniques for Auditors” A CIPM designation holder attends a conference on “Networking Techniques for Job-Seekers”
Street Research A report providing substantive educational material with broad application, such as “Interpreting Economic Indicators,” “Understanding Tracking Error,” or “Valuing Structured Debt Securities” A report that addresses a particular company, such as “Teleflex Incorporated: Initiating Coverage With a Hold”
Individually Relevant Activity A CIPM designation holder with responsibility for the integrity of performance measurement input data attends a conference on “Portfolio Accounting” A CIPM designation holder attends a conference on “Accounting for Property, Plant, and Equipment”

Activities that Don't Qualify for CE Credit

Example Activity
Reading publications intended for the layman or non-professional investor (e.g., The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, Barron’s, etc.)
Reading CFA Digest summaries (original source articles do qualify)
Software training sessions
Commercial product training sessions
Conferences, seminars, forums, lectures, or other live events intended for the layman or non-professional investor
Employer-sponsored events with client-marketing focus in which educational content is directed at client (layman’s level of rigor)
Teaching, lecturing, or presenting (“podium time” is ineligible; however, time spent reading/preparing to present is eligible)
In-class time for exam preparation (e.g., CFA or CIPM preparatory classes, etc.)
Forecast luncheons or dinners where the presentation is simply a forecast or the event is purely social in nature
Presentations that are only on a specific company and/or its products

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