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Exam Score Retabulation

If you are not satisfied with your paper-based exam result, you may request that your exam score be manually retabulated. Additional details regarding the deadline and payment process can be found on the Retabulation Request Form, available for 30 days following the release of results.

The retabulation process only confirms that your scores are recorded and totaled correctly. If it is concluded that your scores were recorded and totaled correctly, your retabulation result email will only confirm that no errors were found, and your original score remains unchanged. We cannot provide any further details about your individual score. Retabulation is not an appeals process nor a re-marking service, nor will it change the grades on your individual answers. If your score is found to be accurate, you will still be responsible for paying the retabulation fee and no refund will be given. If, however, your score is found to be incorrect, even if it does not change your exam result, CFA Institute will promptly refund your retabulation fee.

CFA Institute does not release individual scores, nor do we release scores for any portion of the exam. All exam materials, including answers, are the property of CFA Institute and will not be returned to you in either original or copied form.

Multiple Choice/Item Set Retabulation

A CFA Institute staff member pulls your answer sheets, verifies your name and CFA Institute ID number, and manually compares your properly marked answers to an answer key. We then confirm scores were correctly added and the total score is reflected in the CFA Institute database.

Your score is determined solely by the marks read by the scanning equipment. It is your responsibility to complete your answer sheet correctly to ensure all information is accurately recorded during grading. Failure to follow instructions may affect how the scanning machine reads and records your information. Marks made by a writing instrument other than a No. 2 or an HB pencil may not be read by the scanning equipment. Marks that do not fill an oval completely and/or are not dark enough may not be read by the scanning equipment. Random marks and poor erasures may be read as an intended answer.

Essay Retabulation

A CFA Institute staff member confirms the scores for all question parts are accurately recorded and totaled in the CFA Institute database.