Leadership Circle

The Research Foundation Leadership Circle honors the following investment professionals whose outstanding commitment and contributions have benefited the CFA Institute Research Foundation.

Gary Brinson

Gary P. Brinson CFA

Gary P. Brinson, CFA, is the president of GP Brinson Investments. Previously, he founded Brinson Partners, Inc., and served as chairman of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts, a predecessor of CFA Institute. Mr. Brinson is a member of the Economic Club of Chicago and the advisory council of the Financial Analysts Journal. He was named Outstanding Financial Executive by the Financial Management Association and received the CFA Institute Award for Professional Excellence. Mr. Brinson is the co-author of two books on global investing and has written numerous articles on an array of investment topics. He holds a BA in finance from Seattle University and an MBA from Washington State University.

George Noyes

George Noyes CFA

Walter Stern

Walter Stern CFA

Fred Speece

Fred H. Speece, Jr. CFA

Fred H. Speece, Jr., CFA, is a founder of the investment management firm Speece Thorson Capital Group, Inc. in Minneapolis. He is past chair of the Board of Governors of CFA Institute, the Board of Trustees of the Research Foundation of CFA Institute, the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts, and the Financial Analysts Seminar. CFA Institute awarded Mr. Speece with the Alfred C. Morley Distinguished Service Award and the C. Stewart Sheppard Leadership Award. He is a trustee emeritus of the Research Foundation of CFA Institute. Mr. Speece was an adjunct faculty member in the Graduate School of Business at the University of St. Thomas and the University of Minnesota. He holds a BBA from Ohio University and an MBA from Western Michigan University.

Frank Reilly

Frank K. Reilly CFA

Frank K. Reilly is the Bernard J. Hank Professor of Finance at the University of Notre Dame. He is an expert in security analysis, capital markets, credit analysis, and security market indexes. Reilly teaches courses in applied investment management, capital budgeting, fixed income analysis, and investments, among others. He also has taught an executive course in bond analysis and credit management twice a year for nearly 30 years.
Honors and awards include University of Notre Dame Faculty Award (1999), which is the highest award given to faculty members; the Outstanding Teacher Award given by the MBA Class of 2004; the BP Foundation Outstanding Teacher Award (2002); and the Daniel J. Forrestal III Leadership Award for Professional Ethics and Standards of Investment Practice, given by the CFA Institute. Reilly also was inducted as a fellow of the Financial Management Association in its inaugural group (2000).

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