Research for the Practitioner Workshops

Research for the Practitioner Workshops are typically held at the CFA® Institute Annual Conference and are free to all conference attendees. Videos of past presentations are available below.

2016 (Montreal)

2015 (Frankfurt)

2014 (Seattle, Washington, USA)

2013 (Singapore)

Previous Research for the Practitioner Workshops


Good Derivatives: A Story of Financial and Environmental Innovation


Risk Capital Allocation

The Risk of Emotions: Understanding What Drives Investors (video)


Global Currency Hedging: What Role Should Foreign Currency Play in a Diversified Investment Portfolio?

Not a Failure of Capitalism—A Failure of Government


Central Banking and Monetary Policy in Emerging Market Nations


The Buying Behavior of Individual and Institutional Investors

Understanding and Applying Behavioral Finance: Behavioral Biases and the Systematic Mispricing of Securities


Lifetime Advice: Human Capital, Asset Allocation, and Insurance

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