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Research Foundation Review

CFA Institute Research Foundation Review 2021

Look back at the most interesting findings from CFA Institute Research Foundation’s 2020 publications and be sure to explore the full content library for a deeper dive.

The Year in Review

Research Foundation Officer and Director Reports
Message from the Research Foundation Chair—Joanne M. Hill
Executive Director’s Report—Bud Haslett, CFA
Research Directors’ Report—Luis Garcia-Feijóo, CFA, CIPM, and Laurence B. Siegel


2020 Monographs

2020 Literature Reviews

  • open book icon
    Artificial Intelligence in Asset Management

    by Söhnke Bartram, Jürgen Branke, and Mehrshad Motahari

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has improved portfolio management, trading, and risk management practices by increasing efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. Yet the use of AI can also create new risks and challenges.

  • open book icon
    ESG and Responsible Institutional Investing Around the World: A Critical Review

    by Pedro Matos

    This survey examines academic research on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing. Focusing on the growing role of institutional investors, the analysis highlights the importance of assessing portfolio risk exposure to climate change.

2020 Research Foundation Briefs

  • book icon
    Learning about Risk Management: Insights from Unconventional Risk-Takers

    by Allison Schrager

    Think financial professionals have a corner on risk management? Think again. Learn how a Hollywood movie mogul, a poker champion, and a big wave surfer can offer key lessons in risk management, risk mitigation, and client communication.

  • book icon
    Robert C. Merton and the Science of Finance: A Collection

    edited by Luis Garcia-Feijóo, CFA, CIPM, Laurence Siegel, and Timothy Kohn

    Robert C. Merton, 1997 Nobel Prize winner in economics, has been at the forefront of research on many topics in financial economics. In this publication, leading researchers explain Merton’s impact on financial theory and practice.

  • book icon
    The VIX Index and Volatility-Based Global Indexes and Trading Instruments

    by Matthew Moran and Berlinda Liu

    Tools based on volatility indexes are widely used for hedging, diversification, risk management, and alpha generation, but investors should carefully study the pricing, risks, and other key aspects before deciding to use such products.

  • book icon
    ETFs and Systemic Risks

    by Maureen O’Hara and Ayan Bhattacharya

    The growth of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) has raised questions about their effect on market stability. This publication examines the impact of ETFs on the financial system and proposes regulatory actions to mitigate risks.

Vertin Award

The James R. Vertin Award is presented periodically to recognize individuals who have produced a body of research notable for its relevance and enduring value to investment professionals. The winner of the 2020 Vertin Award is Maureen O’Hara, Purcell Professor of Finance, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University

Research Foundation Leadership Circle

The Research Foundation Leadership Circle honors investment professionals whose outstanding commitment and contributions have benefited the CFA Institute Research Foundation.

Research Foundation Board of Trustees

The CFA Institute Research Foundation Board of Trustees ensures quality, independent governance.

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