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Identity and diversity scholar Stephanie J. Creary has been engaged in issues around race, diversity, and identity both personally and professionally for years. She explains why the current dialogue around race and structural racism in the United States is different than in years past. She says it is important to break the taboo around speaking about race and shares the RACE framework she created to initiate workplace conversations on race.

The Take 15 Series is a collection of illuminating, short conversations with noted economists, best-selling authors, leading researchers, and successful practitioners on topics ranging from geopolitics and whistleblowing to irrationality and outlooks.

About the Speaker(s)

Stephanie J. Creary
Stephanie Creary

Stephanie J. Creary is assistant professor of management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She is an identity and diversity scholar, a field researcher, a founding faculty member of the Wharton IDEAS Lab, an affiliated faculty member of Wharton People Analytics, a senior fellow of the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, and an affiliated faculty member of the Penn Center for Africana Studies. Professor Creary leads the Leading [email protected] speaker series as part of her Leading Diversity in Organizations course at Wharton. Her research centers on understanding the work that individuals and leaders do to manage identity in asymmetric relationships and how their efforts shape self-views, relationship quality, and work performance. Previously, Professor Creary was a Cornell University faculty member. Before earning her PhD, she served as a research associate at Harvard Business School and the Conference Board researching corporate diversity and inclusion practices. She also has extensive work experience in the health care industry. Professor Creary earned BS and MS degrees from the Boston University Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, an MBA from Simmons School of Management, and an MS degree and a PhD from the Boston College Carroll School of Management.