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The coronavirus pandemic has brought large-scale shifts in the way business is conducted. Certain sectors are benefitting from this trend whereas others are hurting. Furthermore, there has been a sea change in the way consumers behave and workers get their jobs done. These changes will have a lasting impact on the future of jobs and working habits.

The new normal concerning consumer demographics (especially mass market), spending patterns and risk appetite is dynamic, to say the least and most businesses are far from internalizing the new realities in a meaningful manner. The financial services sector, that plays the role of facilitating business in the economy, is going through a critical phase for multiple reasons.

This webinar will focus on some of the nuances of how businesses are evolving and how individuals should prepare to keep pace or respond to these changes. Two private equity professionals will provide this insight; thanks to exposure to multiple sectors, they have had a ringside view of the changes currently sweeping the industry.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand how business is going to be conducted in future
  • Role of finance in this dynamic environment
  • Mindset shifts required at an individual level
  • Gain insights about changes in working styles and habits

This is the archived version of a live webinar that took place on 10 September 2020

About the Speaker(s)

Jyotsna Krishnan Picture
Jyotsna Krishnan

Jyotsna Krishnan joined Elevar in 2011 and leads Elevar’s investing team in India. She has more than 15 years of experience in retail financial services, business operations and analytics, and investing in early-stage ventures. In particular, she has spent considerable time with low-income communities and has translated her admiration for these communities into concrete observations that formed the basis for Elevar’s investments in companies such as Varthana (a lender to affordable private schools), Samunnati (a provider of loans and intermediation services catalysing agriculture supply chains), and Credit Mantri (a platform enabling lending to those with limited or no credit history), all of whom are providing specialized services to distinct customers who do not have access. Krishnan currently sits on the boards of WheelsEMI, Origa, Varthana, Credit Mantri, and Samunnati. Before Elevar, Jyotsna worked at HSBC across multiple roles in retail banking, including sales, operations, human resources, strategy, finance, and business intelligence.

Biharilal Deora
Biharilal Deora CFA, CIPM

Biharilal Deora is a director at Abakkus Asset Manager LLP, an India-focused asset management company. His investment expertise spans a broad array of asset classes. Prior to joining Abakkus, Mr. Deora was managing corporate, family office, and university clients. He began his career as a financial analyst at leading financial services firms, such as Credit Suisse and Fidelity Investments. Mr. Deora holds a master’s degree in commerce from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University.
He is a top-ranking chartered accountant and a certified financial planner. Mr. Deora serves as a director on the board of CFA Society India and is a visiting faculty member for advanced finance programs.