Endowments Code of Conduct Adopt the Endowments Code of Conduct

The Investment Management Code of Conduct for Endowments, Foundations, and Charitable Organizations outlines ethical responsibilities for the sound management of longer-term financial assets. By adopting the Code, you are establishing an ethical framework for governing body members and showing your commitment to the best interests of stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Read the Endowments Code of Conduct (PDF)
Acknowledge your compliance with the Endowments Code (PDF)

Who Should Adopt This Code?

Organizations that manage long-term financial resources to support grant commitments or the operations of:

  • Charitable trusts
  • Endowments
  • Independent foundations
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Philanthropies
  • Public funds

What Does the Code Cover?

The Code contains specific investment management-related standards for each principle, supplemented by best practice guidance and examples. The Code's principles can be applied to areas of the organization beyond the management of the financial assets.

A. Act with loyalty and proper purpose
B. Act with skill, competence, prudence, and reasonable care
C. Abide by all laws, rules, regulations, and founding documents
D. Show respect for all stakeholders
E. Review investment strategy and practices regularly

How Can My Organization Comply with the Code?

Complying with our Code is voluntary. We believe that effective self-regulation goes beyond the minimum requirements of the law. It is the most effective and efficient form of market regulation.

Acknowledge your compliance with the Endowments Code (PDF)

How Was the Code Developed for a Global Audience?

CFA Institute reached out to the global endowment, foundation, and charitable communities for volunteers to help develop the Code. Individuals from the following organizations were instrumental throughout the development process.

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