Research Objectivity Standards Adopt our Research Objectivity Standards

The CFA Institute Research Objectivity Standards help sell-side investment firms and professionals develop objective and independent research reports. They include specific, measurable standards for managing and disclosing conflicts of interest.

Read the Research Objectivity Standards (PDF)

What Do the Research Objectivity Standards Cover?

  • Firms' research policies
  • Public appearances
  • Investment banking
  • Analyst compensation
  • Relationships with other companies
  • Personal investments and trading
  • Timeliness
  • Rating systems

Why Should You Adopt These Standards?

  • To maintain your firm's reputation; ethical misconduct hurts investor confidence and taints the reputations of all investment professionals
  • To gain the competitive advantage that comes from having a reputation for integrity and putting investors' needs before your own
  • To demonstrate your commitment to high ethical standards and full disclosure

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