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We work for you. Standards and Advocacy is dedicated to working for our members and to moving forward with our mission of promoting integrity, ethics, and professionalism for the greater good, which includes amplifying your voices for reform and stability in the investment industry.

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MiFID II: A New Paradigm for Investment Research

The provision of investment research is set to change dramatically in Europe. Under MiFID II, brokers will have to establish a price for investment research separately from execution services. This report seeks to understand the expectations of buy-side professionals regarding research pricing, the allocation of costs, and related issues. It is based on a survey of European members.

Read MiFID II: A New Paradigm for Investment Research (PDF)

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CFA Institute Policy Briefing Report: Americas Edition

Our policy briefing report is a helpful reference guide to CFA Institute positions on select industry issues in the Americas. This report includes our comment letters to regulators regarding capital markets and investment issues, remarks on regulations and regulatory proposals that CFA Institute deems important, and examples of content that elucidate our position or outlook on these matters.

Read the Americas Policy Briefing Report: Summer 2017 (PDF)

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How Will Brexit Impact Investment Management?

Brexit—the UK decision to exit the European Union—has important implications for UK and EU investment management firms and their clients. This guide for investment management professionals explores the legal and regulatory considerations and analyzes the possible outcomes.

Read Brexit: What It Means for Investment Management (PDF)

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“Our diverse membership of professional investors informs our perspectives on global capital markets issues, transcending narrow commercial interests to focus on market integrity.”
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