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Politico, The Wall Street Journal

Politico covered the news of Jean-Claude Trichet, former head of the ECB, joining the Systemic Risk Council as senior adviser. Francesco Guerrera wrote: the Council is “…now filled with heavyweights. It’s chaired by [Sir] Paul Tucker, formerly of the Bank of England, it was founded by Sheila Bair, former chair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and counts former head of the Federal Reserve Paul Volcker, and now Trichet, as advisers....Will it become interested in systemic risk outside the U.S.?” The Trichet news also made its way into The Wall Street Journal (requires WSJ Pro membership to view).

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Final DOL Fiduciary Rule: What it Means for Retirement Savers & Investment Advisers

We’re providing commentary to our members and the media on the DOL fiduciary rule, an issue we’ve been following since it was proposed last April. We are pleased that our initial review of the final rule indicates the DOL has taken many of our concerns about the proposed rule to heart. We will continue to urge the SEC to formulate its own fiduciary standard for those providing advice to retail investors.

Watch our video (1 min.) | Read our blog post on the final rule | See our policy brief (PDF) and comment letter (PDF) on best-interests duty | See our ongoing coverage of fiduciary duty

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From Trust to Loyalty: What Investors Want

Our survey, “From Trust to Loyalty: A Global Study of What Investors Want,” is just out and getting quite a media ride. Outlets worldwide are covering the survey include the Bloomberg View (columnist Barry Ritholtz), The Wall Street Journal, The Reformed Broker, and Pensions & Investments.

Read our blog | See the survey findings |  Watch President and CEO Paul Smith’s overview of the survey | Use our prefilled Tweet to share #WhatInvestorsWant

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Capital Markets Union (CMU) Update

Maiju Hamunen is following the development of this regulatory framework for the EU financial sector. Whether its impact will be small or far-reaching depends on the ambitiousness of EU policymakers.

Read the latest CMU blog | Watch the videos (1 min. ea.) | See our ongoing CMU coverage | Follow @mhamunen

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Kurt Schacht, CFA “Our diverse membership of professional investors informs our perspectives on global capital markets issues, transcending narrow commercial interests to focus on market integrity.”
— Kurt Schacht, CFA  

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