Bahrain: Regulatory Waiver

The Regulator

The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) is a public corporate entity and the single integrated regulator of Bahrain’s financial industry.

Requirements to Practice

A licensed investment firm must determine that an individual holding a controlled function demonstrates competence on the basis of experience and minimum mandatory qualifications outlined in Appendix TC-1 in Volume 4 (PDF) of the CBB Rulebook. The CBB may require a higher level of qualification as it believes necessary.

The Financial Advice Program (FAP) is a qualification developed by the BIBF and endorsed by the CBB. FAP level II is mandatory for all individuals who provide financial advice who have between three and five years of relevant experience and have completed FAP level I. Learn more (PDF).

The Waiver

The CFA charter is a recognized qualification for the controlled functions of Head of Treasury, Financial Instruments Trader and Investment Consultant/Investment Adviser. Learn more (PDF).

In addition, CFA charterholders are exempted from FAP level II.