Israel: Regulatory Waiver

The Regulator

The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) is the national securities regulator of Israel. It was established under the Securities law in 1968 and its mandate is to protect the interests of the investing public.

Requirements to Practice

The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) requires the passing of six exams as well as an internship.

The six exams required are:

  1. Securities Law and Professional Ethics
  2. Accounting
  3. Statistics and Finance
  4. Economics
  5. Securities and Financial Instrument Analysis
  6. Portfolio Management

The Waiver

CFA charterholders are exempted from the three basic exams (Accounting, Economics, Statistics and Finance) and the two professional exams, as well as the internship in investment advice, investment marketing, or investment portfolio management. Charterholders need to pass the Securities Laws and Professional Ethics exams.

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