Policy Briefs

Policy Briefs  

Browse our policy briefs for CFA Institute's position and analysis on policy-related issues affecting investors.

Money Market Fund Reform

Measures to Reduce Systemic Risk in the Investment Industry

Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Financing

Long-Term Financing: Investor Perspectives in Europe

Investment-Geared Crowdfunding

Venture Exchanges and Investor Returns: A New Look at Reporting Issues, Fraud, and Other Problems by Exchange

Investors and SME Funding: A New Look at How to Facilitate SME's Access to Funding in Europe

Bank Capital Requirements

Europe's Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) IV


Financial-Market Benchmarks: Gauging in the State of Reform

Benchmarks and Indices


Derivatives Counterparty Risk Reporting: Impact of IFRS 13 Fair Value Measurement Requirements

Financial Instrument Risk Disclosures under IFRS: Derivatives and Hedging Activities

Corporate Governance

Shareholder Rights and Investment Management: Revising the EU Shareholder Rights Directive

Proxy Access in the United States

Visionary Board Leadership: Stewardship for the Long Term

CD&A Template Improves Compensation Disclosure

Market Structure

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II — Implementing the Legislation

Trade-at Rule: Evidence from Australia and Canada

High-Frequency Trading: Investor Issues and Perspectives

Dark Trading, Market Quality, and Global Policy Developments

An Examination of Transparency in European Bond Markets

The Structure, Regulation, and Transparency of European Equity Markets under MiFID

Financial Reporting

Final SEC Report on 2010 IFRS Incorporation Work Plan

Measurement of Liabilities under IFRS

Digital Currencies

Crypto-Currencies — Intellectual Curiosity or the Future of Finance?