Calculate and Manage Your Credits How to record, manage, and calculate your learning activities

To maintain and improve professional competence, an important part of our Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, we recommend members complete a minimum of 20 Continuing Education (CE) credits, including 2 Standards, Ethics, and Regulations (SER) credits, each calendar year.

Record Your Credits

  • Record credits from the CFA Institute website or other providers and sources.
Manage Your Credits Carry Your Credits Forward: Once you exceed the minimum recommendation of 20 CE credits, including 2 SER credits, you will be prompted to activate automated carry forward of credits. For example, you will be prompted to activate carry forward after your credit summary reflects credits equal to or greater than 20.5 CE credits, including 2.5 SER credits. You will be prompted once you exceed the recommended minimums for each calendar year.

    Calculating CE Credit

    We provide automated entry of CE credits for a variety of learning activities. One-click entry of credit into your online tracking resource is available for many activities within our library. Use the guidelines and reference times below when recording additional credits in your online tracking resource.

    • One CE credit hour is equal to one hour of educational activity. Credit may also be earned in half-hour increments (rounded to the nearest half hour). If applicable, Standards, Ethics, and Regulations (SER) credit is a subset (either in part or whole) of the total credit earned.
    • Credit earned for an activity can be calculated by using clock time (the actual time spent engaged in the educational activity) or by using our recommended reference times below.

    Recommended Reference Times

    Completing a university course   20 credits 
    Earning a designation/certification in addition to the CFA charter 20 credits  
    Generalist readings (books, articles, etc.)   2 min. per page 
    Highly technical/specialized readings (books, articles, etc.)  4 min. per page 

    Find reference times for more activities (PDF).