Design Your Program

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Get started by searching our library which includes CFA Institute resources, local events by our member societies, and content offered by third-party providers. You can also earn credit for resources that are not included in our library, such as training offered by your employer or activities for other investment-related designations and regulatory bodies.

Examples of continuing education activities:

  • Self-study (i.e., reading, researching, webcasts, etc.)
  • Employer-based (i.e., in-house training)
  • Educational programs sponsored by CFA Institute, member societies, and third-party Approved Providers
  • Educational activities offered by unaffiliated organizations/providers in any language/format
  • Continuing education activities for other investment-related designations

How to Determine Eligibility

  1. Learning activities should be educational in nature and geared towards increasing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of an investment professional.
  2. The educational content should relate to one or more of our lifelong learning topics derived from the Global Body of Investment Knowledge (GBIK).

Record and Manage Your Activities

Use Your CFA Institute Resources

We've identified a range of activities that can be combined to meet your continuing education needs and goals.

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