Mandatory Continuing Education Program (MCE) For CIPM Association Members

Under the CIPM Association Code of Ethics (PDF), members must “maintain and improve their professional competence.” The CIPM Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) program puts this ethical obligation into practice by requiring certificants to engage in ongoing professional development as a condition of retaining the right to use the CIPM designation.

As a CIPM certificant, you have broad latitude in selecting activities to meet the requirement. From self-study research and in-house training to attending conferences and seminars, you can choose the kind of activity and the provider that best suits your continuing education needs.

If your right to use the CIPM designation has been suspended due to failure to meet the conditions and requirements of the MCE program, you must meet all outstanding requirements and submit acceptable documentation.

Program Requirements

Annually, you must:

  • Earn 15 credit hours through qualified activities.
  • Document your activities.
  • Attest that you have met the requirements.

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Activity Guidelines

To qualify, an activity must be educational in nature and geared towards maintaining or increasing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of an investment professional and either:

  • Relate to one or more learning topics derived from the CFA Institute Global Body of Investment Knowledge (GBIK) (PDF), or
  • Contribute substantively to your development as an investment performance professional.

Review the activity guidelines

For complete details, download the MCE Program Guidebook (PDF).