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70th CFA Institute Annual Conference

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21–24 May 2017
Philadelphia, PA, United States

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How to Unstick Your Career: Identifying and Taking Your Next Career Step with Confidence

Have you been successful in your career and feel comfortable in your job but nonetheless reached a point in which you are asking yourself, “What’s next for me?” This webinar is for you if you have a nagging feeling that you’re “stuck” in your career.

Gender Lens Investing

Join the BSAS Women's Initiative for a discussion on the global picture of women's economic roles and the relevance of using a gender lens in investment analysis and portfolio construction.

Diversity Improves Your Bottom Line and How You Can Achieve More of It

This is an interactive program devoted to practical, effective ways your organization can increase its gender diversity, and how your colleagues can improve their cross-gender communication with clients and their teams. Gender diversity is too often seen as a women's issue, but it has positive benefits for everyone — and can improve the bottom line.

Beyond the Equity Risk Premia

This webinar will discuss: What is risk premia? How to construct portfolios using risk premia. How to use risk premia to decompose a portfolio. Expanding beyond just equity risk premia. How to balance equity exposure with alternative risk premia.

Practitioner Insights: Assessing the Competitive Edge

The survivorship of public companies has been declining over the last ten years. Fast paced technology and globalization, two faces of the same coin, have increased the demand for a competitive strategy that can keep companies from fading away. Is there a scientific approach to identify companies with a significant return on capital that is well above their cost of capital? Along with modeling insights, this seminar will offer practitioner insights into screening for competitively superior companies.

Women at the Negotiation Table: Insights from New Research on Personality

Presentations by Hillary Anger Elfenbein, Professor of Organizational Behavior at Washington University, and Leah Bennett, CFA, while enjoying cocktails and appetizers.

CFA Institute: Latin America Investment Conference

CFA Institute: Latin America Investment Conference

The inaugural CFA Institute Latin America Investment Conference is a practitioner-oriented educational conference focused on Latin American economies and capital markets, as well as global issues relevant to investors worldwide.

Live Broadcast: Global Demographic Trends and What They Tell Us about Latin America and the World

This session from the Latin America Investment Conference will take place on Thursday, 2 February at 18:30 EST.

Live Broadcast: The Case for Global Asset Allocation

This session from the Latin America Investment Conference will take place on Friday, 3 February at 10:15 EST.

Live Broadcast: The Political Landscape in Latin America and What it Means for the Region and the World

This session from the Latin America Investment Conference will take place on Friday, 3 February at 17:20 EST.


34 events