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Alpha and Gender Diversity: The Competitive Edge

Alpha and Gender Diversity: The Competitive Edge
14–15 September 2016
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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Emotional Intelligence for Finance Professionals

You need to be resilient, understand how you respond and react in different situations, and have the confidence to influence your clients to make important and strategic decisions. In this webinar, discover the essential tools necessary to be Emotionally Intelligent in your professional environments. Learn about the core emotional intelligence factors, the tools to improve them, and techniques that will set you apart from your competitors. Develop core competencies that will set a foundation for your further success.

FT Innovation in Risk Management Forum

The FT Innovation in Risk Management Forum, organized in partnership with Workiva, will gather top CROs and executives from across the financial sector, along with key regulators to discuss the most effective strategies for navigating this evolving landscape.

Practitioner Insights: Company Visits and Channel Checks in Valuation

Long-term and short-term drivers shape business decisions. Understanding these business drivers is necessary for building a comprehensive valuation model. Company visits and channel checks provide opportunities to verify some of the assumptions that market participants have about a company’s business drivers. In this webinar, Rakshit Ranjan and Teck Jin Tan (“TJ”) will share practical insights for conducting company visits. They will provide guidance for using channel check information in valuation modelling and also answer queries that participants may have.

Behavioral Risk Management

The program studies the application of psychology in identifying and managing risk. It will equip participants with a structural framework for analyzing how human, cognitive and emotional factors impact market risk and operational risk.

A New Investment Analysis

Many analysts and investors use financial report information in their investment models, unaware that this information has lost most of its capital market relevance. The ability of reported earnings to predict corporate performance is fast deteriorating. In this webinar, moderated by Martin Fridson, Baruch Lev will present and demonstrate a new analysis. Rather than relying on accounting data, it is based on information that matters: the assets which create competitive advantage, as well as their growth, protection from infringement and disruption, and their successful deployment to create long-term value.

Counterparty Credit Risk: Theory, Implementation, and Practice

Counterparty Credit Risk and CVA have become key concepts since the onset of the global financial crisis. This program explains the key aspects in this important area and look at their impact in the future.

CFA Institute / EDHEC-Risk Institute: Advances in Asset Allocation Seminar

CFA Institute / EDHEC-Risk Institute: Advances in Asset Allocation Seminar

The Advances in Asset Allocation Seminar is an intensive three-day course that will provide participants with an in-depth appreciation of the concepts and techniques that will shape the future of investment management. The seminar will also equip them with practical tools to improve asset allocation and risk management processes, implement novel investment management approaches, and develop new products and solutions.

CFA Institute: 2016 Financial Analysts Seminar

CFA Institute: 2016 Financial Analysts Seminar

Join us for the 2016 Financial Analysts Seminar (FAS) on 18–21 July 2016 at the University of Chicago’s Gleacher Center. Offering engaging lectures, discussions, and case studies, FAS 2016 is your opportunity to connect with top investors, researchers, and peers on the latest trends and thought leadership affecting global capital markets.

Survival Guide for Women-Owned Hedge Funds & Emerging Managers

This conference is the first in a series of panels that will cover and promote issues relating to Diversity & Inclusion in the financial services sector.

GIPS Revised Asset Owner Guidance — What's New

This is a webinar to discuss proposed changes to the Guidance Statement on the Application of the GIPS Standards to Asset Owners. We will provide a review and clarifications on the Guidance Statement Exposure Draft that will be available for public comment through 31 October 2016. This will be an opportunity for industry participants to ask questions during the upcoming live webinar session, which is being offered at two different times to better accommodate participants located in various time zones around the globe:


37 events