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Middle East Investment Conference 2018

1–17 April 2018

Cairo, Egypt

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Gender Diversity In The Workplace

A panel discussion to focus on issues related to diversity in the workplace. Specifically, gender diversity and the unique challenges women face in the workplace, particularly in leadership roles.

All That's Gold Does Not Glitter

oin Gerald R. Jenson, CFA, and Kenneth M. Washer, CFA, as they discuss their research on the recent CFA Institute Financial Analysts Journal® article, All That’s Gold Does Not Glitter.

CFA Institute Conference: Wealth Management 2018

CFA Institute Conference: Wealth Management 2018

The 2018 CFA Institute Wealth Management Conference will feature practitioner-oriented educational sessions across a broad spectrum of topics carefully chosen to meet the needs of those engaged in managing private wealth.

Ambiguity Tolerance Beats Artificial Intelligence

Expanding on a recent Enterprising Investor blog post, Markus Schuller, founder and managing partner of Panthera Solutions, will share insights on how to build ambiguity tolerance and how to effectively balance the contribution to an investment decision between the human decision maker and quantitative decision support systems.

Practical Implementation of ESG for Private Clients

Practical Implementation of ESG for Private Clients

Surveys suggest growing client interest in “sustainable investing” approaches that incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into the investment process. This workshop will explore current best practices and common challenges in implementing a program of ESG investing.

Practitioners’ Insight: Information Technology Sector

The information technology (IT) sector is currently one of the most popular yield plays in Indian financial markets. Asset light business models, relatively high return ratios, good managements, and decent corporate governance practices make it a favorite of investors. However, a lack of adequate data, frequent changes in technology trends, and its dependence on the global macroeconomic environment makes the forecasting process for this sector relatively challenging. In this webinar, Sudheer Guntupalli, technology analyst at Ambit Capital, will share his insights on how different drivers of the IT sector can be modeled. In addition, he will also highlights the basic accounting and pilferage checks that can be carried out by an analyst to identify potential red flags within reported financials of a company.

Ethical Decision-Making Webinar Part II: Exploring Additional Case Studies

The Ethical Decision-Making Webinar is a free, interactive, case-based webinar led by CFA Institute staff that will provide participants with the framework to analyze situations from an ethics perspective.

The Discounted Cash Flow Method and the Hubble Telescope

The Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method of valuing financial assets is intuitive, relatively simple, and precise, and works well for assets with predictable cash flows, including bonds, real estate investments, and asset leasing. However, when it comes to equity investing, there exists the “Hubble Telescope problem.” Curtis Jensen, the former Chief Investment Officer of Third Avenue Management, reportedly said, "DCF to us is sort of like the Hubble Telescope—you turn it a fraction of an inch and you're in different galaxy." Any small changes in growth estimates, cost of capital, and terminal growth rates in a DCF calculation can result in wildly different outcomes.

Middle East Investment Conference 2018

Middle East Investment Conference 2018

Held under the patronage of the Egyptian Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation, the 2018 Middle East Investment Conference will bring together over 300 international thought leaders, policymakers, industry experts, and key market participants from across the MENA region for a day of discussions about trends shaping Egypt and the wider region.

71st CFA Institute Annual Conference

71st CFA Institute Annual Conference

The global political landscape, the growth outlook for developed and emerging markets, regulatory changes, and the disruptive potential of fintech are just a few of the challenges and opportunities currently facing the global investment profession. It’s imperative that investment professionals remain current in this changing and complex climate to best serve their clients’ interests. To stay informed, make sure you attend the 71st CFA Institute Annual Conference.


17 events