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CFA Institute Conference: Wealth Management 2016

CFA Institute Conference: Wealth Management 2016
16–17 March 2016
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

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Fixed Income Certificate (FIC) Online Programme

The Fixed Income Certificate is a professional qualification giving candidates a thorough understanding the relationships between the cash and the derivatives markets.

Career Value of the Claritas Program

How well do you understand the investment management industry? The Claritas Program covers the essentials of finance, ethics, and investment roles, providing a clear understanding of the global investment industry.

Towards a Better Financial Industry

Individual presentations and roundtable discussions with Helen Beck, CFA, Monique Gravel, CFA, and Renee Laflamme, CPA, CA, CFA. Moderator is Sophie Lemieux.

Social Security and Why We Truly May Be Facing Retirement Crisis

Every year Social Security publishes its Trustee report on the funded status of the Social Security Funds. The numbers are concerning. Add this to the many published reports that Americans are facing a retirement crisis and the two create a concerning picture. Are we facing a crisis and, if so, what can we be doing to change the tide? As advisors, what are we communicating to our clients to encourage them to do more? Who will be responsible for the shortfall if we do have a crisis? How can we move employees to do more for themselves to help secure a comfortable retirement?

Intermediate Excel for Financial Professionals

Suitable for those needing to rapidly improve Excel skills. Designed for professionals needing to data mine, analyse & efficiently work with large data volumes as well as build spreadsheets to stress & simulate data outputs.

Introduction to Financial Modeling

Introduction to financial modeling for professionals in corporate & financial institutions needing to create useful & robust models. Learn financial forecasting using support tools & techniques in spreadsheet programs.

2016 FIBA AML Conference

Join over 1,400 AML professionals from over 50 countries in Miami for a one-of-a- kind, world class confluence of innovation and learning. Leave with the increased agility that comes from harvesting ideas from the most global, diverse and connected network in the industry.

Modeling and Forecasting Stock Market Returns

Theoretical and practical basic knowledge make it possible to predict the broader stock market and stock market factors, as e.g. value or momentum. All calculations are drawn up with Matlab.

Ethical Decision-Making Webinar Part I: Introduction to Ethical Decision Making

Ethical decision-making webinars are free, interactive, case-based webinars led by CFA Institute staff.

Global Headwinds - how to navigate thru them to find the opportunties

While the global economy has improved since the financial crisis of 2008 and the European sovereign debt crisis of 2011, investors continue to face challenges as they move forward. The US economy is growing, but its growth is being challenged by the global economy and headwinds from a China slowdown, a strong US dollar, the low level of inflation in Europe and geopolitical unrest. Furthermore, we continually see spikes of volatility as we did this past summer and liquidity continues to be a threat. This seminar will explore and discuss both how to assess the global headwinds while managing them to find the opportunities awaiting investors. We will discuss whether US investors should lean toward income generating versus absolute return strategies given today’s investment environment. We will also address the management of monetary policy in 2016 by the major central banks and the implications this has for US investors, how to manage a strong US dollar and whether or not China really is in a crisis.


32 events