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In addition to providing a high-quality suite of educational opportunities through our own and our global member society products and programming, the Approved-Provider Program offers our members access to high-quality educational opportunities available through partnerships with select educational providers.

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Beyond the Equity Risk Premia

This webinar will discuss: What is risk premia? How to construct portfolios using risk premia. How to use risk premia to decompose a portfolio. Expanding beyond just equity risk premia. How to balance equity exposure with alternative risk premia.

Risk-Based Investment Strategies: Smart Beta, Robust Risk Parity and Risk Budgeting

The course offers a detailed understanding of risk-based investment strategies, covering portfolio construction principles, success factors, and recent industry trends like smart beta and risk parity.

Basel III: Capital Adequacy and Liquidity Requirements

Participants will benefit from understanding the background of the regulation and the overall intention. Then they will learn the specific capitalization and liquidity requirements as they stand to date and how the implementation is scheduled until 2019.

Role of Derivatives and Structured Products

This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills in application of structured products and how these products fulfil the investment objectives of their clients by addressing multiple needs: capital growth, income generation, and wealth preservation.

IPP Ratings

The workshop begins with introductory comments about the general objectives in project financing, its key differences against corporate credit analysis, as well as its applicability in power plant financing in the context of the Malaysian power sector.

2017 FIBA AML Conference

The 17th Annual FIBA AML Conference reflects the most important AML issues facing our industry and aims to provide participants with an in-depth and practical learning experience all while encouraging participation in frank dialogue with key parties from all segments of the complex world of anti-money laundering risk management.

Oxford Impact Investing Programme

The Oxford Impact Investing Programme is a world leading executive development program at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School. It is the most comprehensive program available for professionals from financial institutions, foundations, NGOs, impact investing funds, and social enterprises to come together and develop best practice in this exciting and emerging field.

Advanced Corporate Valuation Workshop

The purpose of this two-day workshop is to give participants a good and practical understanding of more advanced techniques used to value start-ups, technology companies, mergers, acquisitions, and buyouts.

Graduate Certificate in Applied Portfolio Management (g-CAPM)

The CAMRI Applied Portfolio Management Program is a 7-day state-of-the-art applied portfolio management training program at NUS Business School, Singapore, developed by academic professionals for investment professionals, and conducted at the world's most advanced Investment Management & Trading Lab. By the end of this course participants are expected to research, write, and publish equity and fixed income investment reports, build simple multifactor models for screening and alpha generation purposes, perform live and back tested portfolio investment strategies to develop the participants' equity research, stock-picking, and credit skills, and perform portfolio optimization and risk management analysis.

Oxford Private Equity Programme

The Oxford Private Equity Programme provides a deep understanding of the private equity industry, with access to world class research, renowned Oxford faculty, and unrivalled business networks. We provide strategic insight for professional investors, private equity fund managers, advisers, bankers, lawyers, and companies active in M&A or attracting the attention of private equity funds. Our 5 day program provides a comprehensive framework for assessing investments in this key sector.

Oxford Chicago Valuation Programme

The Oxford Chicago Valuation Program is a unique joint program between Said Business School and Chicago Booth. It is directed by Andreas Angelopoulos, Executive Director of the Oxford Private Equity Institute, with over 20 years’ experience in private equity. He has assembled an unrivalled selection of academic and industry experts to provide advanced insight of applied theory with detailed analysis of real life transactions.

Oxford Real Estate Programme

The heart of this program is the application of research-based knowledge to consider and develop new strategic thinking in modern real estate enterprises.

Advanced Portfolio Analytics: Performance Appraisal, Risk Measurement and Attribution

The course provides participants with comprehensive and detailed methods used for measuring, evaluating, and attributing investment performance and risk analysis using the latest quantitative concepts.