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In addition to providing a high-quality suite of educational opportunities through our own and our global member society products and programming, the Approved-Provider Program offers our members access to high-quality educational opportunities available through partnerships with select educational providers.

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Oxford Chicago Valuation Programme

The Oxford Chicago Valuation Program is a unique joint program between Said Business School and Chicago Booth. It is directed by Andreas Angelopoulos, Executive Director of the Oxford Private Equity Institute, with over 20 years’ experience in private equity. He has assembled an unrivalled selection of academic and industry experts to provide advanced insight of applied theory with detailed analysis of real life transactions.

Advanced Financial Statement Analysis

The  program will provide participants with an analytical framework and practical tools to analyze and exploit information in corporate financial statements. 

Chasing Madoff : Malfeasance and Breach of Fiduciary Responsibility

This program will explore how and why white collar crime is committed. Seminar participants will look at why highly intelligent, successful people like Bernie Madoff commit their crimes. The content includes a behavioural exploration of why such unethical behavior is observed in the financial, medical, or non-profit worlds. The motivation for white-collar crime is so simple we might not bother to think about it: making money. Participants will engage in experiments that cast a light at the culture of competition that emphasizes individual achievement and the pursuit of wealth and status. The first-hand experience of Frank Casey during the “Chasing Madoff” saga provides the story behind the sensational headlines. He will describe how the world should have known that returns reported by investment manager and broker Bernard Madoff were fraudulent.


AICPA's ENGAGE is the newest, premier event that offers expanded leadership and learning opportunities to accelerate and advance your success. This one event brings together five of the AICPA's well-known conferences for four days of fresh ideas and breakthrough presentations and workshops - all under one roof.

Fintech - Disrupting Finance

Over the last few years, information technology has disrupted a number of sectors (entertainment/ retail/hotel/taxi). This program provides an overview of how it is doing the same to finance. 

Technology and Alternative Finance - the Future

Over the last years, information technology has disrupted a number of sectors (e.g. retail, hotel, taxi businesses). This 1-day program looks to the future and how technology is also disrupting the world of finance.

Oxford Real Estate Programme

The heart of this program is the application of research-based knowledge to consider and develop new strategic thinking in modern real estate enterprises.

Impact Investing in Emerging Markets - Capital Allocation for Sustainable Development

Join us for the 2017 one day conference on Impact Investing in Emerging Markets, Capital Allocation for Sustainable Development on 26 June 2017 at Said Business School, University of Oxford as we debate, discuss and share some of the key themes and challenges at the center of Impact Investing in emerging markets.

Mastering Acquisitions and Buyouts

Completing an acquisition or buyout might be the most high-stakes challenge facing any business leader. This seminar provides owners and executives tasked with making tough deals happen with the practical insights they need to plan, negotiate, and close a transaction.

Entrepreneurial Finance

This program covers the whole cycle of investing in new ventures and raising funds for startups and is aimed at entrepreneurs, business angels, family offices, and consultants.

IFRS 9 - The New Standard, Classification, Impairment and Implementation Challenges

The purpose of this seminar is to introduce you to the principles of IFRS 9, the new accounting standard for financial instruments, to be implemented by January 1st, 2018 at the latest. Continuing Education Information As a participant in the Approved-Provider Program, MONECO Financial Training has determined that this program is eligible for continuing education credit. Pending provider confirmation of attendance, CE credit for participation in this program will be recorded in individual CFA Institute members' CE record.

The Ai CEO Institutional Investment Summit & Index Series Capital Market Awards

The invitation-only Ai CEO Institutional Investment Summit & Index Series Awards attracts over 200 participants, facilitating meetings and presentations between African blue chip companies, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and professional emerging market investors.

Fintech and Big Data

This program will discuss both fintech and big data. Risk Managers, Portfolio Managers, Pension Managers, Senior Executives of Financial Firms, Plan Sponsors, Endowments, Finance Professors and Students would all benefit from attending this program.

Negotiation Dynamics

Negotiations have a direct and measurable impact on profits. Negotiation Dynamics is an intensive and hands-on workshop to sharpen your negotiation skills.

Advanced Portfolio Analytics: Performance Appraisal, Risk Measurement and Attribution

The course provides participants with comprehensive and detailed methods used for measuring, evaluating, and attributing investment performance and risk analysis using the latest quantitative concepts.

Risk-Based Investment Strategies: Smart Beta, Robust Risk Parity, and Risk Budgeting

The course offers a detailed understanding of risk-based investment strategies, covering portfolio construction principles, success factors, and recent industry trends like smart beta and risk parity.