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CFA Institute recommends that you experience our events in person whenever possible. However, we know that sometimes you just can’t make it. That’s why we broadcast some of our events live on the web, allowing you to participate without having to travel.

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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Returning from a Career Break

Are you considering going back to work or transitioning into a career in a new sector? Nell Derick Debevoise and Nia Gough, of Inspiring Capital, will share what they've learned through the process of helping more than 70 professionals find flexible, fulfilling opportunities following career breaks. They will share some real case studies of what's worked and what hasn't! Whether you're ready to start sending resumes or just starting to consider next steps, join us for some concrete ideas for the best way to move forward.

Practitioners' Insight: Analyzing the Cement Sector

The cement sector is one of the most important in India, given cement's role as the key material in construction. Worldwide, cement consumption is typically not as much direct as it is indirect, through slabs and products. India, in contrast, is remarkably different in its consumption style, as it is the largest market for pure cement.

Ethical Decision-Making Webinar Part I: Introduction to Ethical Decision Making

The Ethical Decision-Making Webinar is a free, interactive, case-based webinar led by CFA Institute staff that will provide participants with the framework to analyze situations from an ethics perspective.

All That's Gold Does Not Glitter

oin Gerald R. Jenson, CFA, and Kenneth M. Washer, CFA, as they discuss their research on the recent CFA Institute Financial Analysts Journal® article, All That’s Gold Does Not Glitter.

Practitioners’ Insight: Information Technology Sector

The information technology (IT) sector is currently one of the most popular yield plays in Indian financial markets. Asset light business models, relatively high return ratios, good managements, and decent corporate governance practices make it a favorite of investors. However, a lack of adequate data, frequent changes in technology trends, and its dependence on the global macroeconomic environment makes the forecasting process for this sector relatively challenging. In this webinar, Sudheer Guntupalli, technology analyst at Ambit Capital, will share his insights on how different drivers of the IT sector can be modeled. In addition, he will also highlights the basic accounting and pilferage checks that can be carried out by an analyst to identify potential red flags within reported financials of a company.