The Research Foundation partners with CFA Societies, universities, corporations and other organizations to share our content with global investment professionals, those who will soon become global investment professionals, and other interested parties. Please contact the Research Foundation executive director for additional information about partnership opportunities.

Society PartnershipsThe Research Foundation works with member societies to help provide greater value for their global members. 

Some partnership activities include:

  • Donation of Research Foundation content for forecast events and other activities
  • Coordinating society speakers from various Research Foundation authors and board members
  • Facilitating society book clubs on Research Foundation content
  • Translation of Research Foundation summary content
  • Research Challenge presentations on Research Foundation content

The following societies have recently participated in one or more activities with the Research Foundation.

Baltimore CFA Society
CFA Society Boston 
CFA Society Arkansas
CFA Society Argentina & Uruguay
CFA Society Atlanta
CFA Society Austin
CFA Society The Bahamas
CFA Society Barbados
CFA Society Brazil
CFA Society Buffalo
CFA Society Calgary
CFA Society Chicago
CFA Society Cleveland
CFA Society Columbus
CFA Society Dallas/Fort Worth
CFA Society Detroit
CFA Society Hawaii
CFA Society Houston
CFA Society Indianapolis
CFA Society Iowa
CFA Society Jacksonville
CFA Society Los Angeles
CFA Society Minnesota
CFA Montreal
CFA Society Nevada
CFA Society New Mexico
CFA Society Oklahoma
CFA Society Orlando
CFA Society Philadelphia
CFA Society Phoenix
CFA Society Portland
CFA Quebec
CFA Society Rochester
CFA Society Sacramento
CFA Society St. Louis
CFA Society Salt Lake City
CFA Society San Francisco
CFA Society Seattle
CFA Society South Florida
CFA Society Stamford
CFA Society Toronto
CFA Society Trinidad & Tobago
CFA Society Tucson
CFA Society Vancouver
CFA Society Victoria
CFA Society Washington, DC
New York Society of Security Analysts 
Asia Pacific
CFA China
CFA Society Beijing
CFA Society Japan
CFA Society Korea
CFA Society Pakistan
CFA Society Perth
CFA Society Sri Lanka
Indian Association of Investment Professionals
The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts

CFA Society Austria
CFA Society Belgium
CFA Society Bulgaria
CFA Society Cypress
CFA Society Czech Republic
CFA Society Denmark
CFA Society Emirates
CFA Society Finland
CFA Society France
CFA Society Germany
CFA Society Ireland
CFA Society Istanbul
CFA Society Italy
CFA Society Jordon
CFA Society Luxembourg
CFA Society Netherlands
CFA Romania
CFA Society of the UK
Research Foundation Society Award

The Research Foundation Society Award is an annual award to the society or societies that do the best job of utilizing Research Foundation content in an activity, product, or service. The goal of the award is to build a stronger, more effective working relationship between our member societies and the Research Foundation

2015 Award Winner
2015 Society Award Winner

2012 award winners include:

2013 award winners include:

2014 award winners include:

2015 award winners include:

Society Donations

The Research Foundation would like to thank the generosity of the following partners who have contributed to the foundation.


The Research Foundation welcomes qualifying universities to apply for no-cost copyright permission to use our content. Requests for hardcopy donations of Research Foundation content are also possible.

The following universities have recently participated in the content sharing program.

Book Donations / Copyright Permissions

Book Launch Events
University of Cambridge – Equity Risk Premium

Corporations & Organizations

The Research Foundation welcomes the use of our content by corporations and other organizations. Examples of this use range from a simple no-cost copyright agreement for re-publication or training purposes to a co-branding arrangement where specially printed personalized copies of content is distributed.

Corporations and other organizations who recently utilized our content include:

Corporations Organizations

The Research Foundation thanks these CFA societies, universities, corporations and other organizations for their use of the Research Foundation resources, and welcome requests from other groups who desire to use our independent, high-quality, relevant investment content. Please contact the Research Foundation executive director for additional information.