Future State of the Investment ProfessionPursuing better outcomes—for the end investor, the industry, and society

The investment management industry is facing significant disruptive forces, internally and externally. Shifting regulatory environments and new macroeconomic conditions in addition to current trends in digitization and commoditization and new tech-centric business models will necessitate changes in the industry.

The Future State of the Investment Profession study explores what these changes might look like and identifies ways to influence the future state of the profession for best possible outcomes. (Each link below opens a PDF document.)

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Possible Future Scenarios

Fintech Disruption
New technologies promote new business models; disruption and creative destruction are endemic; challengers surpass incumbents
Parallel Worlds
Different segments engage in society differently; product preferences prioritize personalization, simplicity, and speed
Lower for Longer
Low interest rates and returns become embedded, accentuated by lower levels of global growth and higher levels of political instability
Purposeful Capitalism
The investment industry raises its game with more ethical, and client-centric organizations acting in aligned-to-purpose ways

Megatrends Combine into Possible Future States

Future State of the Investment Profession image indicating megatrends explained in the study