Putting Investors First

What does it really mean to put your clients’ interests first?

While the idea seems simple and straightforward, in practice it's more complex. Ultimately investment professionals can make changes that build better relationships with clients and investors, improve the bottom line of the firm’s business, and benefit society.

Putting investors first means to

  • Commit to the highest ethical standards, and expect the same of others. Action: Endorse the Statement of Investor Rights and share Realize Your Rights (PDF) with your clients
  • Adapt governance or incentive-related business practices so they align with and support putting the client first. Action: Adopt the CFA Institute Asset Manager Code
  • Focus on assessing and understanding your clients' needs and goals. Action: Incorporate the Integrity List into your practice and raise awareness of it within your organization

Member Society Activities

To build awareness around the importance of this initiative, CFA Institute members participate in annual Putting Investors First events, organized by local member societies, that inspire our community to foster a market environment where both investment professionals and investors can thrive.

Contact your local member society to see how you can get involved.