Transparency & Fairness Advocating standards to promote an open and honest financial system

Transparency & Fairness

Transparent and fair principles for investment reporting, tools, and guidance can help set the expectations of prospective and existing clients. We support a financial community that encourages full disclosure and communication with clients. When information is withheld from clients, it harms the relationship and sense of fairness. Information is critical for effective analysis and should be made available to investors. It's what you don't know that can be the most damaging.

We focus on improving transparency and fairness for the benefit of investors in a variety of ways, including advocating to regulators and standard-setters for effective information that helps investors make high quality decisions.

Tools for Action

Global Investment Performance Standards: Industry-wide standards for how to calculate and present investment results to prospective clients.

Principles for Investment Reporting: Five principles to promote better communication and transparency between financial services providers and their clients.

Guidance for Effective Investment Reporting: Recommendations for how to implement the Principles for Investment Reporting.

A Framework for More Effective Financial Reporting: Guiding principles for financial reporting and a better model for the future.

Recent Supporting Articles

Innovating for the Future: Building a Sustainable Business and Rebuilding Trust

Elizabeth Corley presents the importance of transparency and collaboration between policymakers and asset managers.

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