Economic Prospects for the U.S. Economy from a Monetary Policymaker's Perspective

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CFA Institute Annual Conferences
2008 CFA Institute Annual Conference
Source: CFA Institute

1:00:00, video webcast, recorded on 13 May 2008
Posted on 27 May 2008

Janet L. Yellen is president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and professor emeritus at the University of California at Berkeley. Previously, she taught at Harvard University and the London School of Economics and served as an economist with the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors. Dr. Yellen is a member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and is a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research. She has received the Wilbur Cross Medal from Yale University. Dr. Yellen holds a BA in economics from Brown University and a PhD in economics from Yale University.

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Janet L. Yellen discussesthe factors affecting the outlook for growth, employment, and inflation in the U.S. economy and implications for the conduct of the nation's monetary policy. Please note that text may be difficult to read in this recording. The presentation slides are available for download in the video player.
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