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Beyond Analysis
Source: CFA Institute
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2:37:29, video webcast, recorded on 4 February 2016
Posted on 13 September 2016

Laura J. Rittenhouse is CEO of Rittenhouse Rankings Inc., a financial communications company that specializes in trust and reputation strategies that affect the corporate bottom line and market performance. She is also author of the book Investing between the Lines. Ms. Rittenhouse has been featured on CNN, CNBC, and Canada’s BNN, as well as in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, BusinessWeek, Forbes, and Barron’s. She has been chosen as 1 of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior by Trust Across America.

This information is accurate as of the date of recording.
Ulrich Kirk is currently an associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark, Department of Psychology. He is also an external lecturer at the Copenhagen Business School. Professor Kirk received his PhD in neuroscience from University College London.

This information is accurate as of the date of recording.
William Duggan is the author of three recent books on innovation:Strategic Intuition: The Creative Spark in Human AchievementCreative Strategy: A Guide for Innovation, and The Seventh Sense: How Flashes of Insight Change Your Life. He teaches innovation at three venues at Columbia Business School—MBA courses, Executive MBA courses, and Executive Education sessions—and has won the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Professor Duggan has 20 years of experience as a strategy adviser and consultant and has given talks and workshops on innovation to thousands of executives from companies in countries around the world. The journal Strategy+Business named Strategic Intuition the “Best Strategy Book of the Year.” He has BA, MA, and PhD degrees from Columbia University.

This information is accurate as of the date of recording.
Jason Voss, CFA, is Director of Content at CFA Institute, where he is responsible for fixed income, behavioral finance, corporate finance, and quantitative methods. Among his major projects are The Investment Idea Generation Guide, an industry first lie detection curriculum, and a meditation guide for CFA Institute’s members. Jason is the author of the book The Intuitive Investor: A Radical Guide for Manifesting Wealth.

Previously, Voss was a portfolio manager at Davis Selected Advisers, L.P., where he co-managed the Davis Appreciation and Income Fund. Over the course of his investment career as co-Portfolio Manager of the Fund bested the NASDAQ by 77.0%, the S&P 500 by 49.1% and the DJIA by 35.9%. These returns were earned in recessionary, and financial-market-bubble-bursting, times and with significantly less volatility than that of the overall market. The Fund was one of Morningstar's first 10 mutual funds (of 10,000) to receive its Stewardship Grade "A" for ethical stewardship of investor monies.

Voss has given numerous press interviews to: the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Marketplace Morning Report, BBC's Today Programme, Business Week, Bloomberg, Reuters, Money, the Wall Street Transcript, Smart Money, etc. Jason holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, and a Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and Accounting, from the University of Colorado. Additionally, he is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) as designated by the CFA Institute.

This information is accurate as of the date of recording.


All experienced investment professionals know that success relies upon more than just quantitative analysis. Qualitative analysis is often times the difference-maker as most of your competition is working from the same data. In other words, successful investment management needs to move beyond analysis. To aid you in this endeavor CFA Institute packaged a series of webcasts featuring three speakers, each with a unique offering designed to help you improve your investment performance. Laura J. Rittenhouse of Rittenhouse Rankings demonstrates how important understanding executive candor is to choosing successful investments. Next, Dr. Ulrich Kirk discusses his globally “first-of-its-kind” neuroscience research that demonstrates how meditators are able to overcome the biases recorded by behavioral finance. Finally, Columbia University’s William Duggan discusses why intuition is the essential difference maker in business decision making.

Below is the order in which each video will appear, after clicking “Play.”

1.  Introduction to Beyond Analysis 
Join Jason Voss, CFA, as he discusses the importance of Beyond Analysis. 
2.  Introduction to Candor Analytics 
It turns out that an understanding of candor, a combination of honesty and forthrightness, is a valuable means of assessing corporate performance. Laura J. Rittenhouse discusses not only her books about candor, but also how the firms featured in her Rittenhouse Rankings have trounced the returns of the S&P 500 over the past decade. 
3.  Q&A session with Laura J. Rittenhouse and Jason Voss, CFA 
4.  Intuition in Strategic Thinking 
Though many of history's greatest discoveries and inventions are the result of intuition, few in business, academia, or the investment profession discuss it. Columbia University's Dr. William Duggan is one who not only discusses intuition, but also reveals how to access it in a systematic way.
5.  Q&A session with Dr. Kirk and Jason Voss, CFA 
6.  Overcoming Behavioral Biases Through Mindfulness Training 
Dr. Ulrich Kirk, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Southern Denmark, provides a brief overview of common behavioral biases. He then discusses his research, an intersection of three disparate disciplines—neuroscience, business, and meditation—that demonstrates meditators' ability to overcome the biases identified by the behavioral finance community. 
7.  Q&A session with Dr. Duggan and Jason Voss, CFA
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