The Future of Robo Advice in Japan and Asia (Take 15 Series)

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CFA Institute Take 15 Series

Source: CFA Institute

20:00, video webcast, recorded on 15 September 2016
Posted on 29 March 2017

Head of Investment Technology
Mizuho–DL Financial Technology

This information is accurate as of the date of recording.


Robo advice is all the rage in wealth management, particularly in developed markets such as the United States. What is the potential for robo advice in Japan and the rest of Asia? Will robo-advisers replace all human advisers, or will they peacefully coexist? And how do such megabanks as Mizuho balance their traditional channels with the robo advice channel? Keisuke Ito, CFA, head of investment technology at Mizuho–DL Financial Technology, shares his perspectives.

The Take 15 Series is a series of short interviews with leading practitioners on timely topics focused on the investment profession.

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