Financial Planning for a Secure Retirement (Take 15 Series)

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CFA Institute Take 15 Series

Source: CFA Institute

8:04, video webcast, recorded on 22 May 2017
Posted on 4 October 2017

Head, Retirement Research
Morningstar Investment Management

This information is accurate as of the day of the recording.


In this brief interview, David M. Blanchett, CFA, head of retirement research at Morningstar Investment Management, explains the concept of gamma as a measure of the impact of financial planning decisions and details the additional portfolio returns a gamma-based strategy provides. He also discusses how spending in retirement fluctuates and its implications for financial planning, how to determine a safe withdrawal rate in retirement, as well as how investors can best mitigate longevity risk. 

The Take 15 Series is a series of short interviews with leading practitioners on timely topics focused on the investment profession.

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