Creating an Edge in Private Wealth Management (Take 15 Series)

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CFA Institute Take 15 Series

Source: CFA Institute

10:47, video webcast, recorded on 22 May 2017
Posted on 18 October 2017

Principal and Chief Investment Officer
ThirtyNorth Investments

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In this wide-ranging interview recorded at the 70th CFA Institute Annual Conference, Blair duQuesnay, CFA, principal and chief investment officer at ThirtyNorth Investments, discusses why she believes her gender gives her an edge in the wealth management industry; what elements of a firm’s culture she believes are most conducive to attracting and retaining women; how financial advisers can better serve all clients; the benefits of social media; and whether gender diversity on boards really does boost company performance.

The Take 15 Series is a series of short interviews with leading practitioners on timely topics focused on the investment profession.

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