Why the Industry Must Put Clients First (Take 15 Series)

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CFA Institute Take 15 Series

Source: CFA Institute

10:17, video webcast, recorded on 19 September 2017
Posted on 7 February 2018

Managing Director, Americas
First State Investments

This information is accurate as of the day of the recording.


Can we shift the investment management industry from a passion-driven to a purpose-driven industry? Heather Brilliant, CFA, believes not only that we can, but also that it is imperative we do so. In this interview, Brilliant, Managing Director, Americas, at First State Investments, explains what it will take to make that shift and what needs to change for the industry to routinely act in the best interests of the client. She also discusses why we need to rebuild trust in the industry and the importance of assembling diverse investment and leadership teams.

The Take 15 Series is a series of short interviews with leading practitioners on timely topics focused on the investment profession.

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