ESG Investing: A Comprehensive Overview

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Usman Hayat, CFA, FRM
Source: CFA Institute

Usman Hayat, CFA, FRM was a content director based in London at the EMEA office of CFA Institute. He worked as a generalist across topics and as a specialist in Islamic finance and sustainable, responsible, and impact investing. In 2014, he directed an e-learning course on sustainable investing—ESG-100—and coauthored a literature review on Islamic finance with Dr. Adeel Malik from University of Oxford for the CFA Institute Research Foundation. He has also worked in securities regulation and as a consultant in the capital market.

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ESG Investing: A Comprehensive Overview is an introductory learning resource designed to help you gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues in Sustainable, Responsible, and Impact investing (SRI).

The entire collection is comprised of three modules each containing multiple courses. An individual course contains a series of questions designed to challenge learners and provides explanations to cement understanding. While not required, some prior investment education (e.g., BSC finance) and/or work experience (e.g., junior analyst) can be helpful to best understand the concepts presented. 

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The entire collection, including all 14 courses qualifies for 3 CE, including 0.5 SER credits.  You can also claim credit for individual modules (credit amounts listed below). Note that individual courses do not quality for CE credit. 

Module 1 (1 CE)
• ESG Issues and Practical Examples
• ESG Methods
• Fiduciary Responsibility and Financial Performance

Module 2 (1 CE)
• ESG Issues across Asset Classes
• ESG Issues and Traditional Investing
• Key ESG Concepts
• The Environment and Financial Markets
• Social Finance and Impact Investing 

Module 3 (1 CE/0.5 SER)
• History of SRI
• Corporate ESG Disclosure and CSR
• Limitations of ESG Methodologies
• Conventions, Principles, and Standards
• Gender Diversity
• Water Risks and Opportunities

The time expected to complete the entire collection varies. Your progress is automatically saved so you can complete this course at your own pace and over multiple sessions. Please note that, at this time, certificates are available for individual courses only.

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This content is provided for continuing professional development purposes and is not intended to be used as a substitute for study for any CFA Institute candidate program.
Credits · About the CE Program
3 CE (including 0.5 SER) Manage CE Credits

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